Pwera usog 2017 Full Movie

Pwera usog 2017 Full Movie Introduction:

Pwera usog is a Horror movie. In this movie Joseph Marco, Sofia Andres, Albie Casiño and Devon Seron play main role. The great director Jason Paul Laxamana directed this movie. Story of Pwera usog 2017 Full Movie is written by Jason Paul Laxamana and Jason Paul Laxamana is also screenplay writer of this movie. The movie was released in Philippines at March 8, 2017. Language of the movie is Filipino, Tagalog. IMDB rating is 8.8 for the movie right now and it might change in near Future.

Pwera usog 2017 Full Movie Plot:

It recounts the narrative of a gathering of pranksters who startles a destitute young lady and inadvertently harming her. One by one, they begin experiencing a shadow whose glare makes them fall seriously sick and bite the dust.