Kung Fu Divas 2013 Full Movie

Kung Fu Divas 2013 Full Movie Introduction:

Kung Fu Divas is a Comedy and Action movie. In this movie Ai-ai De Las Alas, Marian Rivera, Roderick Paulate and Gloria Diaz play main role. The great director Onat Diaz directed this movie. Story of Kung Fu Divas 2013 Full Movie is written by Onat Diaz and Onat Diaz is also screenplay writer of this movie. The movie was released in Philippines at October 02, 2013. Language of the movie is Filipino, Tagalog. IMDB rating is 6.6 for the movie right now and it might change in near Future.

Kung Fu Divas 2013 Full Movie Plot:

Charlotte, a veteran lovely lady, she is competitor from a little town in the Philippines. She has a place with glamorous ladies family. Her mom tries to utilize all the trap she knows to make Charlotte win this year in their town’s yearly magnificence expo, “Hiyas ng Dalampasigan”. Be that as it may, a drop-dead flawless excellence, named Samantha, joins the challenge suddenly and obstructs Charlotte’s odds. The two hopefuls participate in an extreme fight, inside and outside the event premises however is halted by a puzzling half-bare hunk named Kojic Acid, who spares them from a band of professional killers. He discloses to them that they share a typical legacy and that they both need to cooperate to spare not simply themselves but rather the whole tribe of Chin Chan Soo, their overlooked home-tribe. The two magnificence hopefuls battle to prepare and cooperate to face and battle their regular foe, a frantic ruler named Pei-pak-wah. They soon discover that they share not only a typical adversary but rather a typical predetermination too.