Camp Sawi 2016 Full Movie

Camp Sawi 2016 Full Movie Introduction:

Camp Sawi is a Comedy movie. In this movie Andi Eigenmann, Bela Padilla, Yassi Pressman and Kim Molina play main role. The great director Irene Villamor directed this movie. Story of Camp Sawi 2016 Full Movie is written by Bela Padilla and Neil Arce and Irene Villamor is also screenplay writer of this movie. The movie was released in Philippines at August 24, 2016. Language of the movie is Filipino, Tagalog. IMDB rating is 7.4 for the movie right now and it might change in near Future.

Camp Sawi 2016 Full Movie Plot:

Five ladies, Gwen (Arci Muñoz), Bridgette (Bela Padilla), Jessica (Yassi Pressman), Clarisse (Andi Eigenmann) and Joanne (Kim Molina) enters a training camp named Camp Sawi. Every lady, had a past filled with being devastated by their sentimental intrigue and the young ladies as individuals from the appropriately named camp help each other in managing their evil emotions under the watch of camp culinary expert and head mentor Louie (Sam Milby).